Frequently Asked Questions

How do push notifications work?
When users visit your site, they are prompted to subscribe to alerts without sharing their email or any other personal details. Once subscribed, you can easily send them updates and alerts through push notifications. They will see your messages instantly even if they are not browsing your site.

Do I need to install any software on my computer ?
No. It's a web based service. Just log into your web control panel to manage your campaigns.

How often can I send push notifications ?
As often as you want! It could be monthly, weekly or daily.

How do I pay for the services ?
You can pay online through paypal, credit card etc.

Can I use it on my blog?
Yes. You can use it on your websites, blogs, mobile applications etc.

Can I cancel my account anytime ?
Yes. We do NOT bind you with any long-term contracts. If you want to discontinue the services for any reason, any amount paid in advance for a longer duration will be refunded on a pro-rata basis. You can also opt for monthly billing.